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Trenchless Pipe Repair

donghia environmental no dig pipe reliningTrenchless pipe repair is the home owner's sweet-heart, it is the alternative to digging up pipelines, usually sewer lines, and replacing them. With Donghia Environmental's pipe lining equipment, a Perma-Liner product, the existing pipeline is inspected with special camera equipment that is inserted into the pipeline, then the pipeline is cleared of obstructions and a heavy duty, durable liner is inserted.

The Resulting Pipe Repair

The pipeline is repaired for an estimated 50 to 70 years, by third party testing. The repair is sealed against the inside of the old pipeline with a special catalyst that prevents stormwater flow between the pipes. The most troublesome situation we normally see is stormwater from snow melts and rain leaking into the residential sewer pipelines. When stormwater mixes with sewer water it is all considered wastewater that must then be processed by the local wastewater treatment plant.

Wastewater Treatment Plants are Overwhelmed

During high water flows the treatment plants are forced to dump wastewater, although diluted, into the environment without proper processing. Very often this practice results in fines leveled against the municipality by the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency. I'm sure you're beginning to see the difficulty of this situation.

Millcreek, Sharon and Hermitage, Pennsylvania

Some Area Cities are at Particular Risk

Millcreek, PA, Sharon, PA and Hermitage, PA are at particular risk due to their location and aging residential sewer pipelines. As of this writing it is unclear what steps these municipalities are taking to control the stormwater runoff situation. Some laws have been passed and certain restrictions have been placed on property transfers. We are aware of Corrective Action Laws that have been in effect in some places.

Corrective Action in a Nutshell

The long and short of it is sewer pipe inspection and repair is being mandated. Sometimes only when property changes hands and sometimes inspection and repair is forced upon the current home owners.

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